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Valérie Pécresse nominated as the Republicans candidate for the French presidential election

The president of the Île-de-France region was named Les Républicains candidate for the 2022 French presidential election on Saturday. Valérie Pécresse obtained nearly 61% of the vote in the second round of the congress organized by the party.

Valérie Pécresse was nominated as the candidate of the Les Républicains party for the presidential election on Saturday, December 4, having beaten Eric Ciotti in the second round of the congress organized online with members, announced the president of the party Christian Jacob, during a press conference.

The president of the Île-de-France region, favorite with her liberal and firm line, won 60.95% of the vote against 39.05% for the very right-handed deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes.

« We are taking the first step on the path which will lead us to victory », assured Christian Jacob, welcoming this « day of gathering, of union ».

« The right has found its DNA, it is popular and united, (…) with a real team from France ready to lead our country, » he added to the applause of activists at the party headquarters.

« The Republican right is back »

« I will give everything », reacted Valérie Pécresse in a speech, just after the announcement of the result, welcoming that « for the first time, the party will have a candidate. »

“Thank you for having this boldness,” she said. « I will prove myself worthy of it. »

« The republican right is back, the right of convictions, the right of solutions », she also hammered, calling for the rally of her camp against Emmanuel Macron, whose « only obsession » is to « please » , and against Eric Zemmour and Marine le Pen, « fear merchants » and « dividers ».

« Our unity is our strength, » pleaded the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, assuring each of the candidates for the congress, present at the LR headquarters on Saturday, that the « gathering will not be just words but deeds ».

« I agree, we will restore French pride and protect the French, » she added.

Present alongside Valérie Pécresse, Eric Ciotti immediately expressed his « warmest congratulations » to the president of the Île-de-France region, who « now has the immense responsibility of bringing our political family to victory ».

« Your campaign was dignified, powerful and daring, qualities which are essential to lead us to victory, » again greeted the deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes.

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