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US guided-missile destroyer enters Black Sea, Russia « monitors its actions » – RT in english

The American fleet announced the entry of one of its vessels in the Black Sea, in a context of tensions between the West and Russia in this region. Moscow had already denounced, in recent weeks, the maneuvers of American ships.

Russia is worried about the entry of a new American warship into one of the seas bordering its territory. « The forces and assets of the Black Sea Fleet began to monitor the actions of the US Navy guided missile destroyer Arleigh Burke, which entered the Black Sea on November 25, 2021, ”the Russian Federation’s National Defense Control Center said on November 25, according to Interfax.

According to the Twitter account of the United States Sixth Fleet, based in the Mediterranean, the Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) entered the Black Sea to participate in operations with US partners in NATO and in the region.

Russian-American tensions in the Black Sea

The announcement comes amid tensions between Washington and Moscow around the Black Sea. On November 7, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reacted to the presence of armed United States and NATO ships in this sea, believing it to be an attempt to ordeal of the protection of the coasts and the southern border of Russia. More recently, on November 18, Russian President Vladimir Poutine considered that Westerners’ behavior in this area exceeded « certain limits ». « Strategic bombers fly 20 kilometers from our borders and carry, as we know, very dangerous weapons, » he revealed at the time.

These statements are part of a larger string of tensions around Ukraine: in recent weeks, Washington and some of its allies have expressed fears about troop movements within Russian territory, near the Ukrainian border. Russia brushed aside rumors of Ukraine’s invasion preparations, while recalling that it was taking « measures to ensure [sa] safety if necessary ”.

Already last June, the situation briefly escalated in the Black Sea when a British military ship, the HMS Defender, had violated Russian territorial waters near the Crimean coast, south of Sevastopol.

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