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the state ordered to compensate the family – RT in French

The Toulouse administrative court recognized the “faultless liability” of the state by ordering it to compensate the family of Rémi Fraisse, a protester killed during a demonstration in 2014, following a charge by the mobile gendarmerie .

The State was ordered on November 25 to pay compensation to the family of Rémi Fraisse, a protester killed during a charge of mobile gendarmes in the Tarn in 2014, announced the Toulouse administrative court, which recognized « a responsibility without fail ».

« The administrative court recognizes the faultless responsibility of the State for the death of Rémi Fraisse following the intervention of the police, during the demonstrations on the site of the Sivens dam project, and compensates the beneficiaries of the victim for their non-pecuniary damage up to a total amount of 46,400 euros, ”wrote the court in a press release.

Details to follow …

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