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The philosopher Gaspard Koenig, presidential candidate to « simplify » the lives of the French – RT in French

The liberal writer Gaspard Koenig announced his decision to embark on the race for the Elysee with the ambition to « simplify » the life of the French, by reducing « by 100 the number of standards », which he presents as  » a bureaucratic prison ”.

“The goal today is to give back freedom, responsibility and autonomy so that people can make their decision”: it is in these terms in particular that Gaspard Koenig, aged 39, said. announced on France 2 on January 11 his intention to be a candidate for the presidential election.

The liberal philosopher, creator in 2013 of the think tank Génération libre, recalled on this occasion having traveled the country on horseback in 2020, staying “every night or almost at the inhabitant”: “It appeared to me that people were suffering from administrative paperwork problems. These are often tragi-dramatic things that prevent them from living their life, from doing their job, ”he said, believing that no candidate defended this“ simplification ”of the bureaucracy.

According to Koenig, Macron took « an extremely authoritarian attitude »

Gaspard Koenig considers French society « extremely tense », and producing « excessively standard ». « We are more and more caught in this real bureaucratic prison, » denounced the thinker, who in May founded a political movement called « Simple ». “President of the Republic, that does not make me dream. I do not have the answer to everything, I am not a savior, ”he admitted, in line with liberal political thought.

[Emmanuel Macron] took an extremely authoritarian attitude, he ruled from above, he re-centralized

However, he wishes to run for the post in order to « reduce the number of standards by 100 » in France, judging that simplification was the mother of battles.

Gaspard Koenig admitted to having voted Emmanuel Macron in 2017. « But in this large political space of the center in which I recognize myself, he took an extremely authoritarian attitude, he governed from above, he recentralized », a- he lamented.

He also announced his willingness to « take his pilgrim’s staff » in order to seek from elected officials the 500 sponsorships necessary to become officially a candidate.

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