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The fate of migrants in the Channel, a new subject of diplomatic crisis between France and the United Kingdom

« We don’t need a relocation agreement, » says Gabriel Attal

In his letter to Emmanuel Macron posted on Twitter on Thursday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked the French president to take back migrants arriving in England from France, the day after the sinking in the Channel in which 27 people died. « I propose that we put in place a bilateral readmission agreement to allow the return of all illegal migrants crossing the Channel », detailed Boris Johnson.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal swept the measure on Friday morning. « This is obviously not what we need to solve this problem, he estimated on BFM-TV. What we would need is for the British to send us protection officers to examine the asylum applications which concern them from French territory. « 

He also argued that the content of the letter « Does not correspond at all to the exchanges that Boris Johnson had with [Emmanuel Macron] again Wednesday evening on the phone « . « There are enough of double talk and the permanent outsourcing of problems » by the UK, he added. “It makes you wonder now if Boris Johnson does not regret having left Europe, because as soon as he has a problem, he considers that it is up to Europe to manage it! « , he insisted. Corn “It doesn’t work like that: it works in cooperation”.

Asked if Paris was going to denounce the Touquet agreements, he replied that« We can ask ourselves all the questions about the agreements, you will never be able to change either the geography, or the geopolitical balances, or the desire of migrants who want to go to Great Britain ».

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