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the call of elected officials for a debate of ideas « at the height of the country »

Tribune. Like millions of French people, we, mayors and heads of local authorities, are carefully following the start of this great democratic moment that is the election of the President of the Republic. And if our political sensitivities are different, today we are dismayed by the cartoonish debates that have been spread out before our eyes for several weeks. At the head of this media predation, there is the new candidate of the extreme right, Mr. Zemmour, who draws on the nationalist writings of the end of the 19th century.e century of ideas that he says are new.

We, the mayors of France, do not accept it. We who work every day in the service of our fellow citizens, we know the springs of an anguish which is real and which must be taken seriously. We know the price of labor and the feeling of abandonment, sometimes, in the face of exploding inequalities, in the face of insecurity and the terrorist risk, in the face of threats such as unemployment, complicated ends of the month or environmental degradation. .

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We are not afraid of any debate and certainly not that of the identity of France and the control of its migration policy.

We are children of Ernest Renan, when he defined the nation in 1882 from « Two things which, to tell the truth, make only one (…). One is in the past, the other in the present. One is the possession in common of a rich legacy of memories; the other is current consent, the desire to live together, the will to continue to promote the heritage that we have received undivided ”.

We are thus relentlessly fighting all the ideologies of death, first and foremost radical Islamism, which do us so much harm, which attack the Republic, women’s rights and human rights.

But we do not resign ourselves to allowing public debate to be impoverished by dishonorable remarks. We do not want our country to have to endure, again, what has never led to anything other than crushing the French and demeaning our country.

« In the field rather than in social dinners »

Because we are in the field and not in social dinners, because we are anchored in the daily life of our fellow citizens, we know real France and ask that we finally talk about it.

Real France is made up of men, but also of women. By what right do we decide to trample on our republican motto and its principle of equality by denying them the very possibility of exercising functions of responsibility? It seems almost insane to us to have to remind ourselves: it is not nature, it is unequal laws that have for centuries prevented women from accessing autonomy and the exercise of power. Eric Zemmour refuses his luck to half of France. Why think he will stop there?

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