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Senators challenge Olivier Véran and ask that Didier Raoult be removed from the IHU – RT in French

At the Luxembourg Palace, the left-wing senator Bernard Jomier described the retention of Didier Raoult at the head of the IHU as a “national scandal”. An LR parliamentarian wants him to retire « as soon as possible ».

During the examination of the bill on the vaccine pass in the Senate on January 12, the elected socialist related ecologist Bernard Jomier attacked the controversial professor Didier Raoult. Explaining first that the vaccine had « very good qualities » and protected « very well serious forms », the parliamentarian however admitted that « was less good on other things, its duration of immunization n ‘[étant] not very good ”. According to him, the vaccine « does not satisfactorily break the chain of transmission, it only [la] reduce ».

After these remarks on the vaccine, the senator called on the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, so that he responds « publicly » to those who discredit vaccination. “For several days, the director of the Mediterranean University Hospital Institute [IHU], Professor Raoult, makes remarks that discredit the vaccine, ”lamented the senator from Paris. « This institute is financed largely from public funds, it should be the flagship of infectious diseases in France, it is the compass which indicates the south », also blasted the vice-president of the commission of the social affairs.

« And the maintenance of Didier Raoult at the direction of this IHU is a national scandal, it discredits our health policy, it confuses the French, it feeds the anti-tax discourse », supported Bernard Jomier before concluding: « You have to take your responsibilities Sir […] The Minister ».

Following his intervention, Senator Les Républicains du Vaucluse Alain Milon said he “fully agreed”, declaring that he hoped “that Didier Raoult would take[ne] his retirement as soon as possible ”.

Speaking shortly after these senators, Olivier Véran did not take a public position on Didier Raoult, while strongly reaffirming his support for vaccination.

On Sud Radio on January 11, Professor Didier Raoult was surprised that the countries where people are vaccinated the most register, according to him, the most cases of Covid. And in a tweet published on January 5, Didier Raoult launched a medical recommendation tinged with a touch of irony as to the short duration of effectiveness of vaccines against Covid-19.

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