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Satoshi Island, the crazy dream of a new crypto-world

On a Pacific island of just over 300 hectares called Satoshi – a tribute to the still unknown creator(s) of bitcoin hiding behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto – everything should be governed next year. by the blockchain, from buying an apartment to renting a boat. A video gives a glimpse of what life there should be like. Guided tour and perspective in #Tech24.

Is the Satoshi Island project, which should take off in the Vanuatu archipelago, a slightly crazy dream or a mirror to the larks? While Web3 – which is based on the blockchain and offers an alternative to the technology giants – is increasingly on the rise, we invite you to come back to this project, which is supposed to welcome its first inhabitants next year. A hot topic as the European Union reflects on better regulation of cryptocurrencies.

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