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opponents of vaccine policy try to break into Parliament (VIDEO) – RT in French

A protest outside Parliament in Sofia, Bulgaria turned into a clash with law enforcement on January 12. The demonstrators tried, unsuccessfully, to enter before calling the elected officials to come out to explain themselves to them.

Protesters hostile to the government’s health policies attempted to storm the Bulgarian parliament on January 12 and briefly clashed with police officers in central Sofia in a massive rally against coronavirus restrictions, reported Reuters agency.

Tensions mounted after around 3,000 people gathered in front of parliament to demand that the health pass be lifted, which they say violates their rights and is a backdoor way of forcing people to get vaccinated. The demonstrators, many of whom had arrived by bus, notably pushed back a police cordon around the Parliament before reaching the entrance gates.

Not having succeeded in entering the building, they then called on the parliamentarians to come out to explain themselves publicly. Several people, including police officers, were injured in the brief clashes.

National flags including those of the Bulgarian Renaissance nationalist party – which organized the rally – were waved while their activists chanted « Liberty » and « Mafia » while denouncing health restrictions.

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