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Milos Zeman, Czech President, hospitalized again after positive Covid-19 test

His outing only lasted a few hours. Czech President Milos Zeman, who left the Prague Military University Hospital where he was being treated on Thursday, November 25, was hospitalized again, in the same place, after testing positive for Covid-19, his door announced in a statement. – by Jiri Ovcacek.

« The president’s program will be suspended for the duration of his treatment for Covid-19 », he added, specifying that the head of state would not appoint a new prime minister on Friday as was initially planned. He was originally due to return to his residence, Lany Castle, west of Prague.

Questions about the president’s ability to perform his duties

The 77-year-old president on the left started using a wheelchair this year due to diabetic neuropathy that affected his legs. He was hospitalized on October 10, the day after the legislative elections, in intensive care, where he remained for more than three weeks before being transferred to a convalescent unit. He suffers from liver problems which local media claim to be linked to his alcohol consumption.

Senate Speaker Milos Vystrcil said on October 18, based on a medical report he himself commissioned, that Milos Zeman would be unable to perform his official duties for several weeks.

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Zeman accepted on November 11 the formal resignation of the government of outgoing Prime Minister, populist billionaire Andrej Babis, following his electoral failure and was due to appoint center-right leader Petr Fiala as prime minister on Friday.

The three-party alliance called Ensemble, led by the Civic Democratic Party of Petr Fiala, has formed a coalition with another alliance, of two formations – including the Pirate Party -, and has a majority of 108 seats out of 200 in the new lower house of parliament.

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