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Journalists targeted by gunfire in Martinique city of Fort-de-France (VIDEO) – RT in French

While covering nighttime urban violence in Martinique, two journalists from BFM TV, an AFP photographer and a photojournalist from Abaca Press, were shot at in Fort-de-France. They were not injured.

Four journalists were the target of shots fired by individuals on motorcycles on the night of November 25 to 26, in Fort-de-France in Martinique, while they were covering nightly urban violence on the island.

Live ammunition

« Two men on motorbikes notice the presence of our journalists, at about twenty meters they take out a weapon and aim at the vehicle: three shots in the direction of our film crew », for example related BFMTV, video in support. « A team of BFMTV journalists targeted by live ammunition, » the news channel headlined.

An AFP photographer was also targeted by the shots, as reported by the press agency, which returned to the unfolding of the events. The scene took place in a deserted street due to the strict curfew decreed the night before. « Men on two motorcycles shot at journalists who were filming and taking photos a good distance from a burning dam. » Also according to AFP, the individuals in question did not seek to chase the information professionals when they left the scene. None of the four journalists was injured.

“We got out of the car to film the roadblock from afar. We were near the Levassor canal, very close to the marina, a rather quiet place these last days. We were alone. I saw two motorcycles stop. I shouted: « Damn there are motorcycles! » « , Told the photographer of AFP, here quoted by his agency. The journalists had heard that armed men on motorcycles came to provoke the police during the nightly violence.

« Completely unacceptable » shots, reacts the government

As reported by BFM TV, during the same night, protesters defied the curfew and carried out actions against the police. « Despite a strong police presence crisscrossing the city of Fort-de-France, demonstrators, sometimes armed, engaged in a game of cat and mouse with the police, » says the news channel. continuously.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal denounced the shooting « totally unacceptable ». « We cannot accept in France that journalists are targeted when they do their work, » he said, calling for firmness in the face of this type of act.

Martinique has been plagued by nighttime urban violence since the call for a general strike launched on November 22 by the inter-union, in particular to protest against the vaccination obligation of certain professions.

While several police officers were injured by gunfire, security was reinforced ahead of the last night of violence, « with a more mobile device and more to target the most difficult points », according to the prefecture cited by the AFP.

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