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« It is a revolution that we must undertake in order to achieve a safe society for all women »

Tribune. In 2021, more than 100 women have already died from the blows of their spouse or ex-spouse. In 2018, 213,000 women were victims of physical or sexual violence (source Insee). In France, a country of equality and freedom, one in twenty-six women is raped in her lifetime. These figures are first of all shattered lives. And behind these disproportionate figures, there are as many lives at risk, there are 4 million children who witness this violence.

We must pay tribute to all the women who have had the courage to tell their stories, especially in recent years, to these women victims of physical, psychological or sexual violence, who have alerted the country. To salute the associations fighting for women’s rights which have been the driving force behind the most recent advances. Greet health professionals, national education, law enforcement, justice and volunteers from associations for the daily support they provide to victims, while their budget and their training are far from low. ‘be sufficient.

But tributes are not enough. Faced with these deadly figures, there must now be a firm response that will cause fear to change sides.

Speeches and posturing

In this area more than in any other, we must guard against announcements with great fanfare, then denied. by the means actually implemented. Emmanuel Macron was committed to making it the great cause of his five-year term, it was not. The speeches and ministerial posturing took precedence over the search for efficiency and over construction with the players in the field.

It is high time to listen to the associations which demand a billion euros from the State. This figure is not symbolic, it is the condition of our collective success. It is finally high time to make up for the backlog of our law. The Council of Europe has singled out France for its low conviction rate for the aggressors. We are ashamed of this reality; we will have to remedy it, in particular by stopping the correctionalization of rape and sexual assault. These are crimes that must be treated as such by justice.

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In terms of sexual violence, I will propose the establishment of a single referent system from the moment of reporting, for the reception and support of the victim in all his procedures, as is the practice in England.

Ending violence against women requires education, and in particular education for consent. The #meetoo movements have rightly placed this issue of consent at the heart of the news. This notion is one of the sine qua non conditions for the prevention of sexual violence.

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