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in Germany, the health pass is now required in companies

Faced with an unprecedented number of contaminations since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Germany is tightening its health restrictions. While the 100,000 dead mark has been crossed, and in the hope of avoiding further confinement, the authorities are betting on the health pass. It has become mandatory in companies since Wednesday. Nick Spicer and Anne Maillet went to meet the staff of an SME bereaved by the Covid-19.

Berliner Seilfabrik, a Berlin SME specializing in the manufacture of string sets, was not spared by the Covid-19 pandemic: last year, two of its employees were killed by the virus, before the campaign began vaccination.

The epidemic recovery reminds the 130 employees of the company to this painful memory. Also for their boss, David Köhler, the new restrictions are obvious: « We are now allowed to ask them for their health status. They can refuse to tell us if they are vaccinated or not, but in this case, they are required to present us with a negative test daily. « 

For the ten unvaccinated people present on the site, the equation is simple: without a negative test, they cannot work. But this lack of compromise reassures other employees, such as Christian: « It’s more like that. It may not be very pleasant for those who are not vaccinated, and who have to be tested every day. , but we can no longer do otherwise to contain the pandemic.  »

In transport too

The formula « vaccinated, cured or tested » is now also that of transport, where the health pass is required since Wednesday.

And for good reason: the number of contaminations in Germany has never been so high, as evidenced by the long queues in screening centers.

Faced with the reluctance of part of the population to be vaccinated, the restrictions appear to be the inevitable alternative for some Berliners, such as Marielle: « They must be reinforced, otherwise at some point, no one will be able to go to work. it continues, the economy will collapse. « 

The strengthening of restrictions could well continue: the return of general confinement is not excluded by the German health authorities.

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