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Gérald Darmanin criticized, the opposition denounces a « shame » and a « tragedy of inhumanity »

 » Shame « , « Drama of inhumanity », need to« Welcome with dignity »… The representatives of the opposition parties, Thursday, November 25, took a critical look at the action of the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, the day after the sinking of a boat of exiles which made at least twenty- seven dead in the Channel.

Asked at the microphone of RTL, the tenant of the Place Beauvau argued that « France tries[yait] to be human in this story ”, recalling that « The French state has rehoused 12,000 people since January and distributes 2,200 meals a day ». For him, the priority for the State must be to fight against smugglers, who now function as « Mafia organizations », who « Fall under organized crime », with the use in particular of « Encrypted phones ». « Since the 1er January, we arrested 1,500 smugglers ”, assured Mr. Darmanin, Thursday.

 » Work together « 

Speaking of a « International problem », partly linked to « The attractiveness of the British labor market », the minister urged border countries to take their part in the fight against smugglers. « France must stop being the only one fighting against smugglers », he said. There are « Criminal associations » in Belgium, Germany and England, the minister said, arguing that countries should work  » together «  on this topic :

“We tell our Belgian, German and British friends to help us. (…) France expels 20,000 people a year, England only 6,000 ”.

In addition, the Minister of the Interior said that a fifth person suspected of being a smuggler in connection with the shipwreck the day before had been arrested on the night of Wednesday to Thursday. Four suspected smugglers were arrested late Wednesday afternoon, also suspected of having a link with the tragedy. According to Mr. Darmanin, the fifth smuggler arrested that night had « A German license plate » and had « Bought Zodiacs in Germany ».

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 » Dignity « 

The day before, the environmental MEP Karima Delli had criticized the Minister of the Interior, pointing out his responsibility in the death of migrants in the Channel. “This is the result of Darmanin’s policy of firmness. Shame on us. How many dramas will it take before the government acts? « , was she annoyed on the social network Twitter, before continuing: “We don’t need false crocodile tears, we want a dignified welcome policy. « 

A position shared by the deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis Eric Coquerel (La France insoumise), Thursday morning: « We have people who die on our coasts, who die in our seas, 2,000 in the Mediterranean [alors que] we have simple ways of not provoking them and we don’t. « 

Asked about France 2, he also attacked the interior minister, saying that « Mr. Darmanin was proud to put 1,000 people on the streets in Grande-Synthe a few days ago ». « It is a drama of inhumanity, not of fate », also estimated Laurent Berger, secretary general of the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT). « We will never have to get used to these tragedies, I have sadness, indignation and anger », declared the trade unionist in the program « Télématin », before continuing:

“Migrants around Calais are not welcomed in terms of accommodation, reception, respect for fundamental rights. They are fleeing impossible situations in their country, they are not there for pleasure, but not for obligation. It is not by erecting walls, by hiding misery that we will get there. « 

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« Instrumentalisation of the migration issue »

Denouncing « The crocodile tears of some European leaders », « like Boris Johnson », Mr. Berger also considered that « The instrumentalisation of the migration issue » in France was « Unworthy ». A position shared by Mr. Coquerel, judging that« We must take steps to combat the idea of ​​the migratory wave that would destabilize our economy ». According to him, we need « Dignified reception centers » « If we want to avoid chaos and that migrants are subjected to smugglers ».

Also, it is necessary to « Let associations welcome with dignity, [de] review visa policies, and [de] get around the table to have a European migration policy ”, according to the union leader.

Attempts to cross the Channel on board small boats have doubled in the past three months, the maritime prefect of the Channel and the North Sea, Philippe Dutrieux, had recently warned. As of November 20, 31,500 people had left the coast since the start of the year and 7,800 migrants had been rescued. A trend that has not abated despite the winter temperatures. According to London, 22,000 migrants made the crossing over the first ten months of the year.

« France will not let the English Channel become a cemetery », had reacted, Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron, claiming « An emergency meeting of European ministers ». During an interview in the evening, MM. Johnson and Macron are « Agreed on the urgency of intensifying joint efforts to prevent these deadly crossings », according to a Downing Street spokesperson. Thus, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, was to hold, Thursday morning, an interministerial meeting on this subject surrounded by several of his ministers.

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