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Gaspard Koenig, portrait of an unclassifiable candidate-philosopher in the 2022 presidential election

If you ask him where he is talking about, Gaspard Koenig replies that he is, at the same time, « right and left ». However, beware of hasty comparisons: this has nothing to do with the expression of Emmanuel Macron and “the technocratic and neoliberal center it represents”. Income from macronism, which disappointed him with his exercise of power « centralized and stifling freedoms », the liberal philosopher now a candidate for the presidential election rather defends a posture of « radical center ».

After long months of reflection, this 39-year-old associate normalien in philosophy decided on Tuesday, January 11, to take on the role of candidate. The writer fell in love with liberal philosophy during a year of study at the prestigious American Columbia University (New York). If he then became the pen of Minister Christine Lagarde for a time, then joined the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London for three years, he decided in 2012 to enter the field of ideas. politicians by appearing on the 3and constituency abroad. His unfortunate adventure gives him the desire to create his own think-tank.

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« Romantic thinker and great pragmatist »

Ten years later, Génération Libre has enabled Gaspard Koenig to build up a large political, entrepreneurial and financial network. But he notes, with some frustration, « having spent the decade whispering in the ears of decision makers who turned out to be blocked ». The real trigger took place in 2020, during a six-month journey on the back of his mare Destinada, in the footsteps of Montaigne. He meets “a lot of French people crushed daily by the weight of standards” and convinces himself to take up this question to build a political project to see where it takes him.

Baptized “Simple”, his political party was born in the spring of 2021. In the process, the author traveled across France to collect testimonies and draw proposals from them. While organizing his first meeting in the fall, the philosopher secretly refines the contours of a presidential program, around five major proposals: the reduction of standards by a hundred, local autonomy, a universal income, patrimoniality digital data and the affirmation of a right of life. Surrounded by a permanent team of seven people since the summer, he is notably advised by Nicolas Gardères, lawyer in public law, Guillaume Liegey, entrepreneur in the « tech » specialist in electoral data and Alain Lambert, former elected official and Minister Delegate to the budget.

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