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Eric Zemmour criticizes the « obsession with inclusion »

New controversy on the sidelines of a trip by Eric Zemmour. During a meeting with teachers committed to his cause in Honnecourt-sur-Escaut (Nord) on Friday January 14, the far-right candidate declared himself in favor of welcoming children with disabilities in “Specialized establishments, except for people with slight disabilities of course”, rather than in classes with other students.

“As for the rest, yes, I think that the obsession with inclusion is a bad way for other children and for those children who are, the poor, completely overwhelmed by other children. So I think we need specialized teachers who take care of it”, he estimated.

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Request for apology

The Secretary of State for Disability, Sophie Cluzel, lambasted Saturday, on Twitter, « a pitiful statement ».  » Very angry «  on BFM-TV, she criticized a “miserable vision” and « exclusive » of disability. « Of course it’s complicated, but it’s really an honor for France to be able to educate these children with others, among others », she added.

The leader of LR deputies, Damien Abad, himself with a disability, denounced comments « scandalous » by Eric Zemmour and a “segregation at all levels”. “Yes, we have to be obsessed with inclusion. I ask for a public apology”, does he have launched on Twitter.

“Taking special cases into account”

Eric Zemmour (Reconquest!) returned to his remarks on Saturday morning:

“Of course, there are cases where putting them in an ordinary establishment is a good thing because it allows them to progress, to socialize. And then there are other cases, real, more numerous than is said where it is a suffering for these children [handicapés] (…). What I meant was that I don’t want the obsession with inclusion to deprive us and lead us to neglect the need for specialized institutions. »

« I think it’s an ideological position, as always, he specified. We decided it was better to put everyone together. Me, I think not”, “not to put them aside but to take care of them better”. On Twitter, the candidate in the presidential election called for “taking special cases into account” of each child, with opportunities for « gateways » Between « specialized establishments » and « ordinary ».

Mr. Zemmour must continue his journey in the Aisne on Saturday in Villers-Cotterêts for a visit to the construction site of the castle, before a trip to Château-Thierry.

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