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Emmanuel Macron wants to put the strain on the unvaccinated

You don’t change a winning method. Faced with the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is sweeping over France, Emmanuel Macron has made the choice to remain in the logic that he encouraged, on July 12: to fully push the vaccination and raise the level vigilance, without resorting to harsh restrictions.

It is not at this stage considered « No confinement, no curfew », indicated the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, Thursday, November 25. Despite the resurgence of the coronavirus, with more than 30,000 new cases diagnosed in recent days, there is no question of proceeding either. « Early closure of shops » or to « Travel restrictions « , as can be the case in several European countries.

“I said we had to learn to live with the virus. Here we are. Let’s keep our balance and save the holidays ”, justified the Head of State, Wednesday, November 24, in camera of the health defense council, at the Elysee.

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After having imposed the vaccination obligation for caregivers, as well as the extension of the health pass, almost four months ago, Mr. Macron chose to intensify the pressure on the six million French people, who did not not yet injected a dose, while pushing those who hesitate to be administered a booster, to take the plunge. For the latter, the rule is clear: from Saturday, all adults will have two months to receive a third dose, under penalty of having their health pass invalidated from January 15, 2022. All will be eligible as of five months after their completion. last injection, and no longer six months, as was initially envisaged. One way to speed up the pace to counter the epidemic outbreak, and thus avoid saturation of hospitals. “We are one step ahead thanks to vaccination. We must do everything to keep it « , insisted the head of state, Wednesday, during the health defense council.

For the unvaccinated, on the other hand, Mr. Macron has still chosen to toughen the device. The validity of the tests will be reduced to twenty-four hours, and no longer seventy-two hours, as was the case until now. A strengthening of health pass controls in restaurants, cinemas and transport will also take place.

Rather than taking care to spare the recalcitrant, as he did when the vaccination campaign started at the beginning of the year, Emmanuel Macron therefore assumes the strong method against « antivax ». Even if it means jostling them. “No need to applaud the caregivers, get vaccinated if you want to help them! « , he said on November 19, on the sidelines of a trip to the North.

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