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« Differences on fundamental issues » persist with NATO, according to Russian diplomacy – RT en français

After a Russia-NATO meeting on January 12, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grouchko judged that it was « imperative » that the Atlantic Alliance refrain from expanding further to the East.

The meeting on January 12 between representatives of Russia and NATO member countries « revealed a number of differences on fundamental questions », according to Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grouchko, who was speaking at a conference of press at the end of the afternoon. In particular, the senior Russian official recalled Moscow’s key proposal on stopping the extension of the Atlantic Alliance to the East, which is still not accepted by it.

Alexander Grouchko denounced NATO’s policy of « containment » and warned that « attempts to build security [des uns] at the expense of Russia and without Russia’s participation [étaient] counterproductive ”.

« We will not let this happen, » he said, insisting that NATO enlargement « will not solve any security problem » and deeming it « imperative » for Moscow that the Alliance renounces to expand.

On January 12, representatives of the two sides met at the headquarters of the Atlantic Alliance in Brussels for a meeting following talks between Russian and US diplomacy in Geneva two days earlier. In recent weeks, tensions between the West and Russia around Ukraine have been particularly high. In order to reduce these tensions on the European continent, Moscow submitted in mid-December to the United States and NATO draft treaties, the main element of which would be the promise of the Atlantic alliance not to expand further. to the East.

Russia considers that the successive enlargements of the Alliance since the end of the Cold War pose an unacceptable threat to its security, in particular because of the ambition of Ukraine, a neighboring country with which it is in conflict, to join military organization.

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