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Bercy announces the delisting of the American e-commerce site Wish – RT in French

The fraud control department has ordered the delisting of major search engines from the US-based e-commerce platform Wish. He is accused of selling dangerous or non-compliant products.

Bercy announced on November 24, in a press release, that the General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) ordered the main managers of search engines and mobile application stores to dereference the site. American e-commerce company Wish and its mobile application.

We learn that an investigation has revealed the sale of a large number of non-compliant and dangerous products, with, on a sample of 140 references, rates of non-compliance with regulations and particularly high levels of dangerousness for toys. (95% non-compliant, including 45% dangerous), electrical appliances (95% non-compliant, including 90% dangerous) and costume jewelry (62% dangerous).

The DGCRF criticizes in particular Wish for not carrying out product withdrawals and recalls « satisfactorily ». Admittedly, the offers concerning the notified dangerous products are indeed withdrawn within 24 hours, but in a majority of cases, these products remain offered under another name and, moreover, sometimes by the same seller.

The DGCRF had already summoned Wish, in mid-July 2021, to comply and considers that it has not received a « satisfactory response » since. In the coming days, the Wish site and app, which sells cheap products mainly made in China, should therefore disappear from major search engines like Google and app stores. But access to the site will remain possible by entering the address directly.

There is no reason to tolerate online what we do not accept in physical stores

In November 2020, the platform had already been pinned down by the crackdown on fraud in another investigation: it was notably accused of making “deceptive” price reductions and of selling premium products that were not really available. .

« Illegal and disproportionate » measure

« There is no reason to tolerate online what we do not accept in physical stores », explains Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, at Parisian, which first reported the delisting in its November 24 edition.

Wish defended himself the same day in a press release quoted by AFP claiming to have always complied with the DGCCRF’s withdrawal requests. The e-commerce platform also announces that it is initiating a legal remedy against this action which it considers “illegal and disproportionate”.

Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, Wish is owned by the ContextLogic company. It claims some 100 million active users, and went public on Wall Street in December 2020.

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