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Belgian Prime Minister acknowledges incorrect assessment of the situation – RT in French

Alexaander De Croo announced on December 3 a new series of restrictive measures in the face of the resurgence in the number of Covid-19 cases. The day before, he had admitted a lack of appreciation in the vaccine policy.

The Belgian Prime Minister acknowledged on December 2 a bad assessment about the fight against Covid-19 and in particular on vaccination. « We did not properly assess the situation, » admitted Alexander De Croo in plenary session of the House about the vaccination against the virus. “We believed that a large vaccination campaign would allow us to emerge from this crisis. The reality is different today ”, admitted Alexander De Croo, quoted by the Belgian channel RTL Info.

“We believed that vaccination led to freedom. Certainly it helps, but it does not give us this complete freedom. We need additional measures, ”he added, while insisting that the vaccination remained effective. “According to figures from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), vaccination has prevented 7,800 deaths in our country. And according to [l’institut de santé publique] Sciensano, it made it possible to avoid 30,000 hospitalizations ”, recalled the Prime Minister. 500,000 third doses were administered in one week for a total of 1.7 million doses, reports the Belgian media

But faced with the resurgence in the number of cases, kindergartens and primary schools in Belgium will close their doors for the Christmas holidays a week in advance, on December 18, in an attempt to limit contamination with Covid-19, announced this December 3 Alexander De Croo. The Prime Minister also announced a tightening of health restrictions. Thus, in schools, wearing a mask will now be compulsory from the age of 6. In the secondary, the courses will be organized in hybrid form, with a maximum of 50% of face-to-face teaching until the Christmas holidays. From December 6, indoor events will be limited to a maximum of 200 people, the public must be seated and wear the mask. The rule will apply in particular to cinemas or conferences. Indoor sports activities will still be authorized, but without an audience. Outdoor events, such as football matches, on the other hand, can be held without limit on the number of people.

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