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Artificial intelligence: so useful, so confusing

A Google engineer explained that he interacted with a self-aware and sentient program. Another artificial intelligence explains to be a squirrel. Is it just possible? And above all, to what extent should this research be made open to the general public? Decryption.

Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer recently made public his discussion with an artificial intelligence. The latter then explained that she was aware of her own existence, as well as bouts of sadness, or even being moved by reading « Les Miserables ».

For Berkeley professor Stuart Russell, « the machine with a conscience will probably never see the light of day, but, before the end of the century, the decision-making capacity of automata will supplant that of humans in almost all fields. We have to prepare for the arrival of this super intelligence. »

This is also the opinion of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who, in a recording from kyiv and transmitted as a hologram to Vivatech, explained that in many fields, artificial intelligence is as strong as humans. It is up to the latter to keep control of it and make good use of it so that it contributes to the common good.

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