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Anne Hidalgo presents her proposals on security, between the inventory and the declaration of intentions

In terms of security, while it is recommended that a candidate for the presidential election gain height, too high an altitude does not guarantee the definition of a solid doctrine. By presenting its programme, Reuniting France, Thursday January 13 in Paris, Anne Hidalgo, the candidate of the Socialist Party (PS), provided the demonstration. Summarized in points 46 and 47 of a program which has 70, its main proposals hesitate between an inventory in the form of an overview and a declaration of intentions.

Admittedly, after the normative frenzy that accompanied the slightest emergence of news items during Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, it is difficult not to agree with the observation drawn up by the candidate of the Socialist Party, that of a necessary « lasting effectiveness » rather than a policy of  » show « . Likewise, common sense dictates recognizing the relevance of « two main priorities » posted by Mme Hidalgo: ensure the tranquility of the French people, fight against terrorism and organized crime.

But for the rest ? Barely two paragraphs, which refer to the recruitment of police and gendarmes “to respond to local, precise and specific needs”, their improved training in order to suppress « racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, street harassment », a stronger presence  » in the field  » associated with a better distribution « in the neighborhoods at times when the inhabitants need them the most », intelligence services to “consolidated technological and human resources”…

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According to what schedule and what deployment criteria, after what possible budgetary arbitrations, to serve what strategy? The program presented Thursday observes a cautious silence on these points. It is not more specific in terms of promises to ease criminal proceedings, a measure that responds to one of the emblematic demands of police unions, but comes up against France’s community commitments as much as the doubts expressed by the professional organizations of magistrates on the question, a veritable sea serpent of the judicial-police debate.

A programmatic blind spot

Also, including within the Socialist Party, we willingly read in these commitments the persistence of a veritable programmatic blind spot, « unthought » socialist in terms of security that Julien Dray, then in charge of the file, once deplored. Since the beginning of the 2000s and the emergence of the concept of community policing, the last significant contribution of the left in this discipline, this gap has hardly been filled.

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