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Alexei Navalny integrated into the register of extremists – RT in French

The Russian opponent and employees of his organization FBK have been registered as terrorists and extremists in Russia. The organization is accused by the courts of wanting to implement a “color revolution scenario”.

Alexei Navalny was added on January 25 to the register of extremists in Russia by the Russian public body responsible for the fight against terrorism and money laundering Rosfinmonitoring. Three other employees – Lioubov Sobol, Viatcheslav Guimadi and Guéorgï Albourov – of the organization founded by the Russian opponent, the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) have also been registered.

Banned for « extremism », the FBK, as well as other organizations linked to Alexeï Navalny, is accused by the Russian courts of trying to « create the conditions for destabilizing the social and socio-political situation » in Russia « under cover liberal slogans. They are also accused of organizing unauthorized demonstrations. The Moscow prosecutor further accuses these organizations of wanting to implement a “color revolution scenario” in Russia. A criminal investigation for extremism had been opened against Alexei Navalny in this case. Rosfinmonitoring did not immediately say if this addition was related to this lawsuit.

Navalny in detention for violation of the conditions of a suspended sentence

The opponent is currently serving a two and a half year prison sentence. Russian justice last February revoked the reprieve of a conviction dating back to 2014, for embezzlement in the Russian subsidiary of the French group Yves Rocher. The opponent has repeatedly qualified this file as political.

He was found guilty of multiple violations of the conditions of judicial review required by this suspended sentence. Alexeï Navalny had not presented himself for registration with the prison inspectorate at least six times during the year 2020 – January 13, January 27, February 3, March 16, July 6 and August 17.

He was hospitalized later in August after becoming unwell which he attributes to an attempted poisoning ordered according to him by the Russian authorities – a scenario denied by the latter. Vladimir Putin had even explained that he intervened personally to allow the transfer of Alexei Navalny to Germany to receive treatment there after his hospitalization in Omsk, as his entourage demanded.

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